LapTrax v2.00 released to public


LapTrax v2.0 has been released to the public, on the google play store:

– NEW: name changed to LapTrax
– NEW: ColorTrax+AI detection engine
– NEW: Motion-Detection mode (single-racer)
– NEW: Motion-Detection adjust button
– REVISED: manual mode, up to 4 racers
– REVISED: 1-button/3-button device support
– REVISED: new database format
– REVISED: inline help / about docs


release notes:
– changed name to reflect increased modes of operation
– inline docs being updated this week

manual mode:
– tap time to start/stop
– tap lap display to record lap
– menu ‘add racer’ to time up to 4 racers
– swipe-right on button panel to access race controls (set laps, etc)

motion-detection mode (single racer):
– camera must remain stationary
– motion sensitivity can be adjusted on camera adjust screen (toggle gui)

colortrax mode:
– ColorTrax+AI engine now default, switchable under settings/beta
– exposure set/reset also resets location/background registration

remote link mode:
– disabled until I can finish re-testing, should be back by next beta

media-button support (headphones/bluetooth)(disabled):
– re-wrote support for 1-button and 3-button devices
– disabled by default, enable under settings/advance
– 1-button: single-tap= start/lap*/reset long-click=stop
– 3-button: play=start/stop prev/vol-:start R1/lap R1 next/vol+: start R2/lap R2

feedback and suggestions welcome always!