v1.70 beta released, includes Remote Link (limited)

a quick update, just released v1.70 beta, which has new ‘Remote Link’ feature, but it’s limited to audio-only, which forwards the voice announcer *during a race* to all that are linked (1-4 remote links). Full version of Remote Link with gui and local data logging support coming in the next 2 weeks, just need to run some more tests.

remote link quick-start:

remote link button color:
white = remote link disabled
yellow = remote link enabled
green = remote link connected

– long-click remote link button to enable/disable remote link mode
– short-click remote link button to scan for 30 seconds and connect (blinking = scanning)

1. start colortrax app / colortrax mode on main device doing lap tracking (server)
2. long-click remote link button to enable remote link mode and start scanning for clients
3. start colortrax app / remote link mode on other devices (clients), remote link clients starts scanning for servers
4. during scan, devices connect to each other
5. if not found, restart scan by short-click remote link button on both server and client

– connection can only be made when BOTH devices are scanning at the same time
– at anytime, to add another client, short-click remote link button to start scanning on both server and new client

‘Remote Link’ features are based on Google’s NEARBY technology, which allows linking of nearby devices using wifi and/or bluetooth. No internet or data connection is needed, it’s all done peer-to-peer. It does require a bunch of new permissions.